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One of the most important goals of National Health Mission is to improve Child Health and Development in all respect. Keeping this in mind Child Death Review is a step to establish a mechanism through which all child deaths are reported, investigated and accounted for. Child Death Review (CDR) leads to a better understanding of how and why children die and catalyzes actions to prevent other deaths.

The main purpose of the Child Death Review is to conduct a comprehensive, multidisciplinary review of child deaths, and use the findings to take action that can prevent other deaths and improve the health and safety of children of the community.

Moreover, data on causes of neonatal and child deaths are also useful for health planners, administrators' and medical professionals to evaluate trends in causes of mortality over time and thus assess the impact of the on-going health programmes and to make a decision on allocation of resources for different strategies to prevent-and manage neonatal and childhood illness.

The main objective of Child Death Review is to Ensure the accurate identification and uniform, consistent reporting of the cause and manner of every child death and implement the CDR as per the state operational guideline.


CDR data will be used for analysis and its use in improved planning and instituting corrective measures.

The case summaries of child 'deaths (both CBCDR & FBCDR) will be reviewed at district and block level by the designated officials and action will have to be taken accordingly. In addition, there is a need for in-depth analysis of the filled up formats to identify the trends in different factors associated with child deaths. For the in-depth analysis of data, states may take support from experts from Medical Colleges, Universities and other specialized agencies at state and or district level. The analyzed data will be used for developing the Annual Child Death Report for the state.

Displaying data in a dashboard is one of the easiest ways to understand the data analysis. Statistical presentation is very much necessary for data analytic so that it will help the authority to understand how and why children die and in order to keep kids alive and improve the health and safety of the country’s children this review has utmost priority.

Systematically presentation of data of Child Death Review will increase the understanding of the situation and accordingly guidelines from the state authority will be followed.

Also displaying data in Dashboard will help to view data in fly using Smart Phone, Tab. This is obviously in tune with latest technology.


Timely reporting and viewing data in a structured format will ensure a regular feedback to the authority. The quality of data alongwith no redundant data will be checked using CDR system and reporting to higher tier will ensure quality of investigation.

As as per the state guidelines in addition to the designated nodal officers, agencies located at block/district/state level can also be assigned the task of' monitoring the Child Death Review. Medical Colleges (Departments of Paediatrics and Community Medicine) can also be brought in for this purpose. In that case easy report and MIS reports will be helpful to this designated authorities.

The objective is to provide support through experts for streamlining the process, enhancing the quality of reports generated from the data and implementing the key recommendations made by the DCDRC and the State level Task-force.

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